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Honeycomb values the privacy of our customers. Our Privacy Policy explains what information is collected through the Honeycomb e-Marketing Program, and how that information is used.

Information Collection and Use

Honeycomb will collect your personal information for two reasons:

  1. To contact you about your account and to assist you if you are having difficulties.
  2. To bill your company as applicable.

Honeycomb will not email to, solicit, or forward on, any of the email addresses or information provided in the use of the e-Marketing Program. All users who unsubscribe from your lists will be removed from future sends and no further publication will be sent to them.

Subscriber Lists, Email Content, and Reports

Honeycomb ensures that all subscriber lists, email content, and reports remain private and confidential. Visions Design reserves the right to terminate any contract if users are found to be using the e-Marketing Program to produce emails containing: profane, threatening, defamatory, obscene, offensive, or the like, materials. The contract will be terminated at the time the abuse occurred and no refunds in any part will be made.

Technological Security

Honeycomb makes every effort to protect the information you provide in your e-newsletters by using the latest technologies in firewalls, servers, and databases. All of your information is housed in a secure location and will at no time be made available to any third party.

Policy Modifications

Honeycomb reserves the right to amend to, change, or delete any portion of this privacy policy. We will make note on the official Visions e-Marketing Program homepage to alert users of a change. Please be aware that Honeycomb will not use any personal information that was obtained under this policy in a manner that is materially inconsistent with this Privacy Policy, without your prior consent.

Contacting Honeycomb

If you should have any questions regarding this policy or any part of the program, please contact us at:

Honeycomb Internet Services, LLC - Honeycomb
77 13th AV NE.
Suite 210
Minneapolis, MN 55413

612-617-0007 (phone)

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